How We Make Your Leather Pouf.

When you buy one of our leather poufs, you can guarantee you’re not just getting another cheap piece of furniture. Originating from Marrakesh and made by hand, each leather pouf you get is a continuation of a rich tradition of care, craftsmanship, and beautiful home decor. So just how are they made?


Preparing the Leather

Firstly, the leather is prepared in a tannery. You may have seen photos of the famed Moroccan tanneries online. They have dozens of giant stone vats filled with natural herbs and dyes. Soaking the leather in these mixtures is how it’s prepared.

The leather is cleaned and softened in a series of white mixtures with natural ingredients. This process takes a few days after which the leather is left to dry. The leather is now ready to absorb dyes.


Dyeing the Leather

The pieces of leather are transferred to additional stone vats to be colored. The dyes are made purely of natural ingredients, each vat containing a different mixture. For instance, indigo is added to make blue, henna is added to make orange, pomegranate is added to make yellow, etc.

After the pieces of leather are thoroughly soaked, they are taken out to dry beneath the Sun, which usually lasts a few days.


Stretching the Leather

The pieces of leather are stretched very tightly between two lengths of rope. This is a very labor-intensive process that is performed by only able-bodied men, but it will ensure the leather is as smooth and flexible as possible. After about three weeks, the leather is properly stretched.


Cutting and Stitching

The pieces of leather are shipped everywhere to be used in purses, clothing, and even your pouf. But poufs are often made with intricate patterns, so the leather will have to be cut into several smaller pieces and then sewn together into its proper shape.

Poufs are hand sewn with sabra silk. sabra silk is extracted from natural fibers of agave cacti or aloe vera. It’s because of this that sabra silk is also referred to as cactus silk or agave silk. Although the agave is native to the Americas, these cacti are also easily cultivable in northern Africa. Aloe vera, on the other hand, is native to the Arabian Peninsula. Sabra silk is highly prized for feeling very soft and has become an embodiment of Morocco.

Your leather pouf is entirely sewn by hand, including any intricate patterns on the top, following traditional sewing techniques.



Finally, your leather pouf is all made. Leather poufs are typically sold unstuffed just because this means they’re less bulky and heavy for shipping.

As you can tell, the process is highly traditional and does not involve any machinery or automation: it’s all about quality. So when one of our leather poufs arrives at your door, you know you’re getting a unique piece of craftsmanship that will liven up your home decor whatever you use it for and wherever you place it.